"SensaStep® has profoundly changed how physicians view amputation and its rehabilitation."

Lt. Gen. Paul K. Carlton, Jr., M.D., FACS
Director of Texas A&M Health Science Center, Office of Homeland Security

Tibial Nerve Damage


The Tibial nerve is one of the branches of the Sciatic nerve. It provides movement and sensation signals for the calf and foot muscles.

Dysfunction is usually caused by direct trauma to the nerve, for example : Sports, Vehicle and Landmine casualties, although it can occur as a result of systemic disease such as Diabetes.


.The loss of feeling in the lower leg makes mobility difficult. It becomes necessary to look down to confirm each footstep, greatly complicating everyday activities such as negotiating steps and crossing roads.


SENSASTEP provides a replacement for some of the missing signals from the foot by way of an audible tone. The threshold at which this tone occurs is easily adjustable for different loading requirements. SENSASTEP  is completely self-contained and can be used anywhere.

Ask your Doctor whether SENSASTEP would help you to regain your mobility.
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