"SensaStep® has profoundly changed how physicians view amputation and its rehabilitation."

Lt. Gen. Paul K. Carlton, Jr., M.D., FACS
Director of Texas A&M Health Science Center, Office of Homeland Security

Gait & Exercise Therapy

By running the Therapy Station software and and wireless USB  interface,  the therapist is presented with a continuous display of the load placed on the foot through the entire gait cycle.

The information is instantly updated and displayed on a scrolling history graph which can be reviewed and saved for patients records in order to document progress.

During a session, the therapist is able to observe the gait pattern and quantify it to better help the patient with appropriate therapy and exercise or to make necessary adjustments to a prosthesis.

The load thresholds, at which the patient hears the audible tones to indicate touchdown of the foot,can be adjusted directly from the Therapy Station whilst the patient is exercising.

In between therapy sessions, using the same software on their own computer, the patient can exercise at home, able to follow the therapists instructions more closely and observe their own progress.  









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