"SensaStep® has profoundly changed how physicians view amputation and its rehabilitation."

Lt. Gen. Paul K. Carlton, Jr., M.D., FACS
Director of Texas A&M Health Science Center, Office of Homeland Security

Diabetic Neuropathy




Diabetic Neuropathy is a type of nerve damage associated with diabetes. It can cause a loss of feeling in the feet, which leads to many complications.

One of these is a reduction in mobility.

Due to the lack of sensory feedback from the feet, sufferers become reluctant or unable to move themselves around.

Without exercise, the patient is subject to potential weight gain, muscular atrophy and other deleterious effects.

The inability to carry out everyday tasks comes as a great blow to many who previously lived independent lives and must now rely on outside help.


SENSASTEP provides a replacement for some of the missing signals from the feet with an audible tone, thereby enabling the user to regain the confidence necessary for balance and movement.  


Due to the lack of sensation in the foot, there is also the danger that an injury can be caused by overloading the limb and that this injury will go unnoticed.


SENSASTEP also provides an overload alarm. This can be adjusted to give the wearer an audible warning before the pressure at which injury is caused is reached.


Please consult your Doctor about treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy,  Ask if SENSASTEP would help you .

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