"SensaStep® has profoundly changed how physicians view amputation and its rehabilitation."

Lt. Gen. Paul K. Carlton, Jr., M.D., FACS
Director of Texas A&M Health Science Center, Office of Homeland Security


  • When connected to the Transmitter module, the insole measures the load placed on each of two general areas corresponding to the heel and the ball of the foot.
  • When the load reaches a preset threshold, which is adjustable from 5lb to 50lb (2kg to 23kg) the user will hear a tone corresponding to the area under load.
  • The tones used for heel and toe are of different frequencies and are thus easily distinguishable.
  • Transmitter and Receiver modules are powered by a rechargeable battery which provides a minimum of 24 hours of continuous use.
  • The system automatically shuts off to conserve batteries after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • Each transmitter / receiver has a unique code to prevent interference from other units in the vicinity.
  • When running InStep software, the therapists computer will display the changing pressure on each of the two areas of the foot in real time.
  • Actual standing / weight bearing pressure is also displayed and an alarm setting can be adjusted to allow for controlled pressure as directed by the therapist.
  • Threshold levels are displayed and can be adjusted at the keyboard.
  • When a threshold is reached, a flag is placed on the screen and the real time between steps is displayed for gait analysis.
  • This information can be saved in the patients file for later comparison
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